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NBA heads into lockout again.


Biblical Accommodation.

Biblical Accommodation

Biblical Accommodationis the adaptation of words or sentences from theBibleto signify ideas different from those expressed therin. Thus, if a sinner excuses his fault by saying, "The serpent deceived me", he applies the scriptural words of Eve (Gen., iii, 13) to express an idea which the sentence does not convey in the Bible. Similarly, a blind person might use the words of Tob., v, 12, "What manner of joy shall be to me, who sit in darkness, and see not the light of heaven". Here, again, the words would have a meaning which they do not bear in Sacred Scripture. This accommodation is sometimes incorrectly styled the accommodated, or accommodative, sense of Scripture. From the definition it is clear that it is not a sense of Scripture at all. The possibility of such accommodation may arise, first, from some similarity between the ideas in the sacred text and the subject to which the passage is accommodated; secondly, from the fact that the word…

Azkals, Sri Lankans battle to 1-1 standoff.

Azkals force 1-1 tieBy FRANCIS SANTIAGO June 29, 2011, 8:39pm Nate Burkey MANILA, Philippines — Filipino-American midfielder Nate Burkey made a spectacular debut last night, lifting the Philippine football team to a 1-1 draw against a stubborn Sri Lanka side in the first leg of their qualifying series for the 2014 FIFA World Cup at the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The highly-favored Azkals looked unlikely to salvage anything from the highly-physical game after midfielder Chathura Gunarathna gave the home team the head start in the 41st minute. Gunarathna silenced a small Filipino crowd when he drove a fierce hit into the top-right corner of the net after the Azkals’ wall failed to block his right-footed shot that slightly hit the head of Rob Gier off an indirect free kick. Azkals German coach Michael Weiss immediately sent in Burkey to replace ace striker Phil Younghusband, still recovering from a right leg injury. The switch paid off with almost immediate effect after Burkey h…

Total Football.

Total Football
"Total Football" (Dutch:totaalvoetbal) is the label given to an influential tactical theory ofassociation footballin which anyoutfieldplayer can take over the role of any other player in a team. It was pioneered byDutchfootball clubAjaxfrom 1969 to 1973, and further used by the Netherlands National Football Teamin the1974 FIFA World Cup. It was invented byRinus Michels, a famous Dutch football trainer/coach (who was the coach of both Ajax and the Netherlands national team at the time). In Total Football, a player who moves out of position is replaced by another member of the team, thus retaining the team's intended organisational structure. In this fluid system, no outfield player is fixed in a nominal role; anyone can be successively anattacker, a midfielderand adefender. The only player fixed in a nominal position is thegoalkeeper. Total Football's tactical success depends largely on the adaptability of each footballer within the team, in particular the…

Keysi Fighting Method.

Keysi Fighting Method

Keysi Fighting Method Also known as KFM Focus Hybrid Country of origin Spain, Creator Justo Dieguez Serreano, Andy Norman Parenthood Jeet Kune DoConcepts & SpanishStreet fighting
Official website Keysi Fighting Method(KFM) is a method ofself defensethat is based on natural fighting instincts and severalstreet fightingtechniques, developed by Justo Diéguez Serrano from his fighting experiences in the streets ofSpain. The system was founded with the help of Andy Norman.Both founders, Justo Diéguez and Andy Norman, are certifiedJeet Kune Do instructors underDan Inosanto.The Keysi Fighting Method became famous after it was used in the fighting choreography of the moviesBatman Beginsand its sequel,The Dark Knight.
Description KFM was created in the 1950s on the streets of Spain and is in a constant state of evolution. KFM makes use of multiple attacking ranges, with or withoutweapons.