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PeNoy's Promises to the Guilty Senators. Lol.

PeNoy's promises to the GUILTY SENATORS . Lol.

20 senators were promised the following:
Angara – His son, Sonny Angara, will run for senator in 2013.

Allan Cayetano and Pia Cayetano – Allan’s wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano, has a pending electoral protest.

Drilon – He wants to be Senate President.

Escudero – He is running for senate reelection in 2013. He wants to be the administration’s presidential candidate in 2016.

Estrada – He wants to run for VP in 2016. Erap is running for Manila mayor in 2013 against an LP candidate.

Guingona, Pangilinan, Recto, and OsmeƱa – They are LP members and must follow Pnoy’s instructions.

Honasan – He is Enrile’s henchman; meekly follows Enrile when it comes to Senate voting.

Lacson – He wants to be appointed DILG Secretary since this is his last term as senator.

Lapid – His son, Mark Lapid, wants to keep his post as TIEZA chief.

Legarda – She wants to run for senate reelection in the administration ticket.

Pimentel – He is part of UNA, but still needs…

Congratulations Proseculosers! Lol.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am very glad that The Cheap Justice Renato Corona had kicked the bucket. For 42 days, I saw how honourable you present your case, even inviting Harvey Keh, the leader of the Kaya Natin, an honourable group of intellectuals fighting for good governance and ethics. I congratulate how we did remove a tyrant from power. We all know that Tupas is an honourable man, a good statesman that had a good personality and intellect. I was disgusted by the leader of the Defence panel,  Cuevas, who served during the time of the dictator tyrant Marcos, and anything that Marcos had did to the country is bad. I congratulate Raissa Robles for her defiance to the puppet of Gloria, whom we all know did nothing to change our country.
I congratulate the honourable Religious Groups, who supported the conviction of Corona. They are teaching moral and spiritual guidance to the people for decades and they are fighting for democracy on our land. I congratulate both Communists and Ultra…

Indonesia: CBM Asia enters Indonesia Coalbed Methane Partnership with Continental Energy Corp

Indonesia: CBM Asia enters Indonesia Coalbed Methane Partnership with Continental Energy Corp. CBM Asia has entered into a Joint Study and Bid Group agreement with Continental Energy Corp to investigate coalbed methane exploration and development opportunities in Indonesia.
Under the agreement, CBM Asia and Continental will jointly and exclusively study selected areas in Indonesia with the objective of identifying geologically favorable areas to be jointly pursued as targets of opportunity for direct acquisition of coalbed methane production sharing contracts offered by the Indonesian government. Acquisitions would be by public tender or direct proposal tender conducted under joint study arrangements.
'We are very excited having Continental Energy as a partner. Continental has extensive geological knowledge of certain areas of interest to us as well as on-the-ground operating experience,' comments Alan Charuk, President and CEO of CBM Asia. 'We have identifi…