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Jefferson Bethke – Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (Spoken Word) Lyrics

What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion
What if I told you voting Republican really wasn't His mission?
What if I told you republican doesn't automatically mean Christian
And just because you call some people blind doesn't automatically give you vision
I mean if religion is so great, why has it started so many wars
Why does it build huge churches, but fails to feed the poor
Tells single moms God doesn't love them if they've ever had a divorce
But in the Old Testament, God actually calls religious people whores

Religion might preach grace, but another thing they practice
Tend to ridicule God's people, they did it to John The Baptist
They can't fix their problems, and so they just mask it
Not realizing religion's like spraying perfume on a casket
See the problem with religion, is it never gets to the core
It's just behavior modification, like a long list of chores
Like lets dress up the outside make look nice and neat
But it's funny t…

Dealing with Grief.

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT... GRIEF? by Betty Miller Proverbs 15:13-14(Amp):
13 A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.
14 The mind of him who has understanding, seeks knowledge, inquires after and craves it, but the mouths of (self-confident) fools feed on folly.
In these verses in Proverbs we find a comparison between a merry heart and a sorrowful heart. Verse 13 tells us that you can tell the condition of a man's heart by looking at his countenance (his facial appearance). When people are happy, you can tell by the sparkle in their eyes, their smile and their cheerful attitude. When they are older, they will even have what we call "smile wrinkles" instead of the wrinkles caused by frowning. Indeed, facial looks reveal a lot about a person. You can also read on a person's face when they have sorrow in their heart, especially when you know a person. We have all experienced someone saying to us, when we …