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The 4-5-1 Formation in Association Football.

The 4-5-1 Formation
The 4-5-1 Formation is sometimes used in the soccer world. It utilises a stronger midfield to help control the central area of the pitch. This is good for holding possession of the ball and winning tight battles that tend to happen in the midfield area.

Having only one striker with this tactical play, it can be harder to score goals if not used properly. Midfielders must push forward to assist the lone striker, otherwise, he will just be outnumbered. Its not just about getting men into the box, but about making runs in the right places to open up defence or even make dummy runs to give room for the striker. With this tactical play, you have the same wing options as the 4-4-2 but going wide might not be a good idea with only one striker to aim for. If you do go wide, try to make sure midfielders get themselves into the box for a chance to head on goal.
Personally, i think that it also the striker as well as the midfielders to make the 4-5-1 w…

Wasted. Lol.

wast·ed[wey-stid] –adjective 1. waste(defs.26–28). 2. donetonoavail;useless:wastedefforts. 3. physicallyorpsychologicallyexhausted;debilitated:tobewastedbyalongillness. 4. Slang.overcomebytheinfluenceofalcoholordrugs. 5. Archaic

FIFA.Com:Thirty hopefuls begin road to round three.

Thirty hopefuls begin road to round three( Friday 22 July 2011

Asian minnows rarely take centre stage. However, the continent's second qualifying round for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ provides them with a seldom chance to rub shoulders with the big boys. Fifteen underdogs, including the eight successful sides from the opening round, will challenge higher-ranked rivals over two legs, the first of which will unfold tomorrow, for the right to join Australia, Bahrain, Japan, Korea DPR and Korea Republic in the next phase.

Such meetings invariably used to end in one-sided results, with upsets scarce. With the gap between teams in Asia having narrowed significantly in recent years, though, the favourites can take nothing for granted. previews the ensuing action.

Click on this 'Classic Qualifiers' link to read about some of the most thrilling FIFA World Cup preliminaries in history.
The big game United Arab Emirates-India

This is without doubt the p…

A Growing Rugby Community in the Philippines.

Rugby football union is thriving and is now gaining interest in schools across Metro Manila. And leading real estate advisory firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) Philippines intends to support this growth by encouraging a more active community of players and supporters of this sport. 

CBRE Philippines recently hosted the CBRE Juniors Rugby Tournament, at the British School Manila field. This is the second consecutive year CBRE successfully hosted this tournament together with the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU)—the governing body of rugby football union in the Philippines. The tournament gathered eight teams and more than a hundred players from different institutions and is the largest youth rugby football tournament in the country. Participating teams included the Makati Mavericks, the Manila Hapons, British School Manila, Eagles Rugby, European International School, Bahay Bata, Tuloy, and Duyan.

Owling Craze! Lol.

Owling is a role playing game and relatively new phenomenon much like the "Planking phenomenon", a trend that is set through popular internet blogs and then taken into the physical world. Like Planking, Owling was created as a joke but is catching on in both urban and suburban settings alike around the United States of America. The act of Owling includes crouching on a random object, preferably highly elevated. Unlike its humerus counterpart Planking, Owling allows the "Owler" to make hooting noises while perched. The goal of this game is to seek attention and a smile, or puzzled face from passing bystanders, while taking in the scenery and enjoying the environment around oneself. Owling can be done in any setting.

Just when you thought we as a human race couldn't get any weirder (or more bored, depending on how you look at it) planking has been upstaged by... wait for it... owling.

After planking, it's now 'owling' ANIJul 16, 2011, 10.49am IST LONDON: …