A friendly reminder for Rabid Pinoy Football Fans.

As we all know that football slowly becoming popular in the Philippines due to our recent success in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 when we reached the semifinals and our latest victory against Mongolia NT in AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Qualifiers. But what I hate about these rabid football fans is they love to foul mouth basketball. But basketball itself didn't do anything wrong against them. It's not easy to convert the basketball fans to appreciate football, especially if they grew up watching and playing the game. For these one-eyed, pea-brained, biased jackasses, these two sports discipline can't co-exist in this country. WTF! Even in some countries like Spain, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Argentina, these two sports are equally popular there. What I'm asking to these hooligans is to be open-minded and stop acting like a bunch of self-centered supremacists. We need to unite for the benefit of our national team. It doesn't matter if our athletes played other kind of sports, what matters most is we need to support and cheer for them. Enough of these bullshit peeps, I'm sick and tired of your senseless rantings and trash talking. We are one team here, it's TEAM PILIPINAS! Smart Gilas Basketball, Azkals Football and Philippine Volcanoes Rocks!

Until now, the football hooligans still continue their foul mouthing and ranting against basketball. As long as they keep on trash talking against basketball and other sports disciplines, I won't stop posting this friendly reminder. Here's the link of Rafe Bartholomew's answer to the pinoy football hooligans.


If our basketball team reached the semifinals and at least grabbed the 3rd place finish in 2011 FIBA-Asia Championships, pinoy basketball will have the right to brag their victory! Lol. 


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