Why do we choose the nickname of our football team Azkals?

Why do we choose the nickname of our football team Azkals?

by Arvin Jay Milana Biaga aka dxjayrock7881
Personally I think the name Azkals is one of the best nicknames. Please do not take this post too seriously but here are a few reasons, I hope others can add to the list and can I state none of this is original information and it is in no particular order:

1. It refers partly to the colour the team play in –azure – in a way that a number of other teams do i.e. “the blues”
2. It is a unique mixture of askal with azure
3. It is not strict Tagalog so more Filipino belonging to all Filipinos
4. It refers to a pack or team in the correct parlance not an individual
5. Mongrels are known to fight best as a pack (team)
6. Not many people could claim to be pure blooded Filipinos so the references to mixed lineage is also fitting (same with ost countries if we are honest)
7. Askals are common throughout the Philippines as we wish football to be
8. So-called “pure breed” dogs tend to be more susceptible to genetic weaknesses
9. Pure breeds tend to be more predictable by nature and in football you do not want to be too predictable
10. If you translate it into American-English it would be Mutt which is often an affectionate term
11. Filipinos and non-Filipinos know the name and to change it now would be like giving a beautiful girl a facelift she does not need!
12. The name is starting to be feared by other national teams
(Final couple are little tongue in cheek)
13. A German study found that "Mongrels require less veterinary treatment" and health care in the Philippines is expensive ( R. Beythien, Tierarten- und Hunderassenverteilung, Erkrankungshäufigkeit und prophylaktische Maßnahmen bei den häufigsten Hunderassen am Beispiel einer Tierarztpraxis in Bielefeld in den Jahren 1983-1985 und 1990-1992, 1998, Diss., Tierärztl. Hochschule Hannove).
14. Mutts live longer than purebreds and we want our players to have a long careers (G.J. Patronek, D.J. Walters, L.T. Glickman, Comparative Longevity of Pet Dogs and Humans: Implications for Gerontology Research, J. Geront., BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 1997, Vol 52A,No.3, B171-B178 quote (p. B173))


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